Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Babies R Us - Buy 1 8oz Good to Grow bottle & score 2 free 6 pack refills!

Here is an awesome promo you can currently score at Babies R Us or Toy R Us. When you purchase 1 Good to Grow 8oz bottle, you will score 2 free Good to Grow 6 pack refills! The Good to Grow 8oz bottles are $2.89 so that means you'll pay $2.89 for 1 bottle and 12 refills (2 6 packs)! My store did not have signs up for this promotion but I had no issues at the register. The refill packs came off automatically and I paid $11.56 for everything above! If your store does not have signs up, you can use the price scanner to verify the promo (will show Good to Grow promo when item is scanned at the price checker).



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