Monday, January 12, 2015

Walmart Christmas clearance now 90% off

Walmart Christmas clearance is now 90% off in store! Most of the actual Christmas décor was pretty picked over but I did find some "hidden" clearance. The candles were anywhere from $.09-$.49 and were all hidden behind other candles. The dress was in the girls clothing section and was $.99 and the hair bow in the same area for $.10. The Colgate and Crest I picked up at 75% yesterday and when I went back today the shelf where they were was completely empty. There was over 50 tubes of toothpaste when I was there yesterday so I was surprised to see it empty! If you do still find the Colgate and Crest, they will be located in the toothpaste area of the store. The Colgate has to be the exact one pictured (with the white strip along the top of the box). It should ring up around $1.30 and the Crest should ring up around $.70.


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