Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Random post - Virginia is for Lovers - annoucement of a big move :)


I have FINALLY found time to sit down and write a blog post explaining what has been happening in our lives over the last 5 months. I've been meaning to do this for awhile but as everyone knows sometimes life gets in the way and things get pushed back...

If you have been around my blog since the beginning you may remember I lived in Dublin, Ohio when I first started. In July 2012 my husband was transferred to Cincinnati for work and we lived in Florence, Kentucky. It was super easy to keep up on the "Ohio" deals because I still had all the same stores (except no Giant Eagle & we now had a Remke Biggs). Now, fast forward to September 2013.....we found out that we were being transferred to Alexandria, Virginia (10 minutes outside Washington DC)! On October 31st, our house in Florence was packed and we hit the road for Northern Virginia. Big moves are no surprise to us as we have previously lived in Northern, Southern and Orange Co. California but it now made it harder to keep up on "Ohio" deals. I no longer have Kroger, Remke, Giant Eagle or Meijer but instead stores like Harris Teeter, Giant and Safeway. Luckily, I do still have all the national stores - Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Target etc. Because of the lack of the same grocery stores, I am sure anyone who has been around awhile may have noticed a drop in the amount of grocery deals I post along with "brag" post. It's easy to look online and see the ad deals but now much harder to know about the unadvertised deals. I have become a VERY big Target shopper since moving (it's my closest store) so I am excited to be able to share my trips from there and deals I find! Although I no longer play the "drug store" game, I do plan on continuing to post the deals I find all 3 drug stores. I am also excited to share deals from Whole Foods & The Fresh Market (2 of my other favorite stores). I now also have 2 Kmarts within 15 minutes and have found quite a few great deals there (remember the $6 kids grill I posted about a few weeks ago?!) so I plan to post Kmart deals also. Although I can no longer keep up on the *hot* grocery deals, I hope the national deals I am able to post will help some of you.

I will also continue to post the great online deals. Online shopping is my favorite ways to shop because it's so easy and you can usually get better deals than you would find in store! This time of year is pretty slow of great online deals but we should start seeing great clearance deals on winter items soon!

Another big change is our daughter turned 5 on Christmas and therefore will be starting kindergarten this year! We have been spending many, many hours doing "learning books" and preparing her for kindergarten since she does not go to preschool. Since there is also a chance we may not live here come the beginning of the school year, I am spending countless hours researching private school, home school and public school to try to decide what may be best for our living/moving situations.

You may have noticed some days there are no post or few post. It's a big change from a year ago where I would have 10+ post everyday. But, with all the changes (daughter starting school, spring activities, new city, new sites to see etc). I don't always have as much time to post as I once did. I will be keeping up on the blog though and will continue to update.

I hope everyone will stick around, interact on the Facebook page and share deals and bargains that are found locally for others to score! The blog is almost 3 years old and I am so excited all 2k+ of you have joined!

I also haven't shared many "personal" pics or stories recently so here are some pics of what's been going on the last 6 or so months!

Shortly after moving we HAD to take a trip to NYC///National Christmas Tree at the White House

Family Vaca - Riviera Maya, Mexico///Beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The kids & I during the Capitol Tour (rare pic w/ our faces!) :)


Congrats on your big move! D.C. area is so much fun with all the free museums. Although we live in Indiana we have lots of relatives out in the D.C. area and love to visit. It's a great place to raise a family.

awww thanks! I am excited to check out the area and see what all it has to offer. We vacationed here 5 years ago but didn't get to see much in the few days we were here. Now I guess we'll get to experience it all! :)

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