Monday, March 24, 2014

Kmart - AMAZING toy clearance finds!

I headed out to Kmart today because I had 5,000 surprise points that were going to expire and I wasn't sure what to use them on. I was sooo excited when I found out they have some AMAZING deals in the clearance toys section! I picked up everything above for only $12.55!

Every toy here rang up "check shelf price" when scanned at a price checker. In this case, I found an employee with a handheld scanner and they were able to verify prices. Most items showed $.01 when scanned. Because Kmart will not sell you an item for $.01, they make the price 90% off (I believe). Some items were marked at the 90% price, others were not. If you are heading out, I would make sure to verify all the prices at a price scanner before checking out. Below is a breakdown of what I was able to score.

Prices below reflect the extra 30% of clearance toys promotion they currently are running

Uno Moo $1.61 (currently $23.50 on Amazon)

Red Rover game $1.61 (currently $19.00 on Amazon)

Thomas bath track set $1.12 (currently $17.20 on Amazon)

Lalaloopsy RC Scooter $2.45 (currently $29.03 on Amazon)

Hooks Rock $2.10 (currently $23.93 on Amazon)

Chess/Checkers set $.21

Hot Wheel Power Tower $2.45 (currently $36.43 on Amazon)

Jake talking figure $1.40 (currently $15.29 on Amazon)

2 kids tents (Spider man & Thor) $2.30 each (currently $15.95 on Amazon)

My son already opened one of the toys so it wasn't pictured but the Imaginext Castle Weapon Set was only $.91 (currently $14.99 on Amazon)


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