Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Swagbucks - FREE cash or gift cards in the new year!

This is an older post, but I wanted to share again for anyone who may not be familiar with Swagbucks. In 2011 I earned $150.00 in Southwest gift cards, $100 in Paypal cash and $10 in Lowe's gift cards! I didn't use Swagbucks much in 2012 but in 2013 I earned $100 Southwest gift card and $100 in Paypal cash!

Swagbucks is a great way to earn extra money for the holidays, vacations and more! How much you can earn is solely determined by how much effort you want to put into the site. As you can see above, I made a lot of free money in 2011 & 2013!

How does SwagBucks work:

Swagbucks is basically a search engine like Google. Although, unlike Google, with Swagbucks the more you search...the more you earn! When you register for Swagbucks, you will get started with 30 SB (swagbucks). You can either search by going to to the Swagbucks homepage or you can download the toolbar. I chose to download the toolbar because it reminds you to search & makes it super easy. (There is a field where you just type in what you wanna search for!) It produces the same results as Google would but will reward you for searching a few times a day. You can usually win swagbucks 3 to 4 times a day & the value is anywhere from 7-50 SB. You will not win with every search, but if you search for things a few times in the morning, a few times in the afternoon & a few times in the evening you should be able to get a few wins. You will know you have won Swagbucks when you see something similar to this above your search results:

What do I do with my SwagBucks I earn?:

It will take a little time to start having your Swagbucks build up. Once you start to get some though, you can head over the the swagstore and see what is available to redeem your SB on. (if you have the toolbar installed you will just click on the "redeem" tab) The most popular option by far is the $5.00 Amazon gift card for 450 Swagbucks. It may seem like a lot, but if you search and use the features of SwagBucks you will collect the points in no time. (lately it takes me 2 days to get enough for the $5.00 Amazon gift card). There are tons of other prizes available - gift cards, electronics, movies, jewerly, clothing..and MUCH MUCH more.

How can you search more Swagbucks or Swagbucks quickly?

**If you install the toolbar you will get 1 SB daily just for having it installed!
**There is a daily poll you can take to earn 1 SB (under the "earn" tab on the toolbar)
**You can click on "trusted surveys" daily to earn 1 SB (under the "earn" tab on the toolbar)
**There is something called "NOSO" (under the "earn" tab on the toolbar) NOSO stands for "No Obligation Special Offers". You can do this everyday to earn 2 SB. Click on the "start earning now" once you are in the NOSO page. It will show you 4-10 "special offers" click SKIP or SHOW NEXT OFFER" for each one. once you are completed it will ask you to type in a phrase...type it in and you earn SB.

Doing the 4 things above will earn you 5 SB daily.

You can also watch "swagbucksTV". This is MUCH easier to do with the toolbar installed. Swagbucks tv is basically short 2-3 minute videos. They range from how to make a meal, to how to garden, to new clothing styles. You will click on a video to watch and let it play. You don't actually have to watch the video. You can minimize it and go about whatever you were doing on the computer. If you click the "watch SBTV" on the toolbar every min or 2 you can click a new video. Once you "watch" 10 videos you will earn 3 SB. I usually do this while i am on the computer anyway, so it's an easy say to earn a few extra Swagbucks.

There is also a tab called "special offers". Once you click special offers you will see 6 different tabs with different activities you can do. They range from just providing an email to receive newsletters, to "liking" a company on facebook to taking surveys. I do recommend you sign up for a different email account if you do the special offers. I also stay away from any that say things like "free iphone" or "win 500.00"....they are a little sketchy. The surveys alone can get anywhere from 30-90 swagbucks. Some are long and boring...but it is a super easy way to earn SB. If you qualify for all the surveys daily you can earn near 300 swagbucks a day!

Lastly there is a tab called "trusted surveys". These are other surveys you can take. They are usually worth around 50 SB. They are usually a little shorter than the special offers survey, but i find it is harder to qualify for these. When you are in the trusted survey tab there is a link that says "profiles". Click on it and take all the surveys about you. You can earn close to 75 SB by doing this!

Even more ways to earn!

Fridays are Mega Swagbucks day. This means you can usually win more times from searching and they are usually higher valued wins.

There are also special codes that are released daily (1-3 times a day) These codes are usually located on their blog, facebook page, or homepage. You can use cheat sites though to make it easier to find the codes ;)


What are you waiting for? the sooner you sign up for SWAGBUCKS the sooner you can start earning!


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