Sunday, August 4, 2013

Meijer - ALL stores to stop doubling August 25th

Meijer has posted on their Facebook page that doubling will stop at ALL Meijer location beginning August 25th. The following was posted earlier today:

It's true that we no longer double coupons, effective August 25. We are shifting our resources to mPerks digital coupons. Less than five percent of Meijer customer used double coupons, but nearly 1.5 million have signed up for mPerks, with as many as 25,000 joining each week. We are also expanding mPerks to include rewards for our pharmacy. Signing up is easy at: http://bit.ly/TPxSx0. Of course, in addition to mPerks, we will still accept coupons at face value, and still offer our everyday low prices and weekly specials.

I called my local Meijer store to confirm and they also stated that as of August 25th they would no longer be doubling. I haven't had doubles at Kroger since the beginning of the year, so this isn't a huge change for me. I do image in areas like Columbus where Giant Eagle and Kroger still double to $.99 that this will hit people a little harder. I find Meijer prices cheaper than Kroger overall, so I will still be using my coupons there and our local store Remke Biggs. Thoughts?


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