Wednesday, November 14, 2012

RueLaLa.com - previous members - free $20.00 credit?! New members - FREE shipping!

I haven't mentioned Rue La La since the beginning of the year because shipping (at $9.95) is pretty high IMO. I did want to mention it today though for 2 reasons:

1) If you are a previous member of RueLaLa.com, you may want to log into your account and check your credits. It appears that they have given select members a $20.00 credit (which can be applied toward shipping!) I browsed around quickly and found the cheapest item to be $17.90, so around $7.85 after shipping and your credit. I am not sure when the credit expires though, so you may want to use it over the next few days just in case it expires quickly.

2) If you are a new member to RueLaLa.com, they are offering free shipping (no minimum) for the first 30 days. They offer lots of different home, toys, clothing, and gift ideas so you may want to browse around!


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