Thursday, July 17, 2014

My 1st Toys R Us clearance run

(not pictured - a bottle of Tide)

Here is my first trip to Toys R Us today! I am getting ready to head to another store so I will have a few other items to post later tonight. A lot of the items were unmarked or marked "clearance" but just with a white tag instead of a colored tag. If you head out, make sure to price check everything!

Tide Coldwater Free 100oz $2.60

Lalaloopsy Play House $18.00 (originally $89.99)

Playmobil Farmhouse $30.00 (originally $149.99)

Princess water slide $2.40 (originally $12.99)

Step 2 Smores kit $2.00 (originally $14.99)

Temple Run game $1.40 (originally $19.99)

Chia Pet $2.40 (originally $12.99)

Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga FREE (if you can find the $5.00 peelies. Without the peelies these are $4.00) (originally $19.99)

Sofia Prep Academy game $3.00 (originally $14.99)

Disney Princess coloring kit $3.60 (originally $19.99)

2 Pez - Spider-man & Fairies $.49 each (originally $2.49)

Pool floating set $1.00 (originally $6.99)

Tommee Tippee monitor $16.00 (originally $89.99)

Playmobil Pirate ship $14.00 (originally $69.99)

My Corner dollhouse $16.00 (originally $89.99)

Playmobil Santa's House $8.00 (originally $39.99)


Thanks so much for your posts on this sale. I was able to pick up a lot of craft items for my girls for super cheap!

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